Our Top Picks For Adult Ballet Dancers

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Currently in Australia & New Zealand we have seen a huge surge in the number of adults taking ballet classes… and it’s WONDERFUL. 

Whether it’s for fun, fitness or to live out an unachieved childhood dream, seeing so many inspired adults in ballet class week after week makes our hearts sing!

We thought we would outline here some of the best ballet leotards and accessories that offer the best coverage and support for some of our customers who haven’t had much past experience shopping for leotards and may not know what shape would work the best. 



Here are our top picks:




Celeste with Kara Lace

 Available in Aubergine, black, purple, red and white, the Celeste has a classic complimentary line across the bodice to offer coverage but a subtle softness. 


The Kara Lace sleeves are a performance lace with 4 way stretch.  The sleeves are so light you won’t know you’re wearing them and the 4 way stretch gives you such beautiful freedom of movement.


Daria with Kara Lace

 We love the subtle mid line of this leotard.  Giving you that lovely defined waist while also giving you a lovely back line with the cut out lower section.  A shorter sleeve than the Celeste but still in the glorious Kara lace.



Available in black and dark purple.




Wrap skirt in Kara Lace

 Available again in Aubergine, black, purple, red and white this is the matching skirt to Kara Lace in our signature leotards.  Unlike other ballet skirts on the market in chiffon or silk our 4 way stretch lace leotards sit a lot flatter to the body giving you a lovely slim line from head to toe.  Try and find a skirt that doesn’t sit out too much at the waist when shopping as this adds a bulkiness in all the wrong places.


This gorgeous skirt is also available in our longer 25” design for ladies who love maximum elegant coverage.

This longer skirt in Red is a AinslieWear Favourite!


Peacock Toile  

This peacock toile design is my favourite of any of the designs that Ainslie has produced.  Having had the longer skirt made especially for our Australian and New Zealand market it think it’s soft and sophisticed and just perfect for adult classes to give you just alittle ‘something extra’. 


This skirt also comes in both the short and long variety.



No matter what you’re wearing to class it’s important to feel fabulous and AinslieWear hopes that in some way we can help you feel like the very best version of yourself. 


All the best in ballet,


Letizia and the AinslieWear Team - Australia & New Zealand  



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