Dance Class Etiquette - 10 Rules To Remember

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When it comes to dance class, be it ballet or any other style it’s one thing to be talented, and well trained but it’s also so important to be professional, hard working and polite before, during and after class. 

Ticking all of those boxes is more important than just being talented.  

Here are 10 dance class etiquette rules to follow in all your classes


  1. Don’t Be Late

It is expected that you are ready to start your class on time. That means that your hair is done, you’re appropriately dressed and warmed up ready for your teacher to arrive or be ready to take your class. If you are running late it is important to apologise to your teacher for your delay and quickly and quietly find your spot in class.


  1. Be Appropriately Dressed

Ballet class essentials include a form fitting leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes. Other classes will have other requirements. Make sure that you’re appropriately dressed for all your classes with your hair in a neat up style or ballet bun. If you have ladders or holes in your tights, replace these with fresh new ones. You wouldn’t go on stage with ripped tights so why would you wear them to class?


  1. Communicate With Your Teacher

If you’re injured, you need to leave early or unable to complete part of the class make sure you advise your teacher BEFORE class begins. There is nothing worse as a teacher than getting to jumps and someone putting up their hand and saying ‘I can’t do that’. They would much prefer to know your situation before they choreograph the exercise or routine and if they know prior they can always tailor something to your limits.


  1. Turn Off Your Phone

Surely you can survive 1hr – 1.5hr without checking your messages? It’s rude and a big interruption if your phone goes off during class.  


  1. Ask Before You Leave The Room

Your teacher will appreciate you asking before you leave the room. Whether it’s to change your shoes, get a drink of water or go quickly to the bathroom your teacher will appreciate knowing where his/her students are during their class time.


  1. Don’t Speak When Your Teacher Is Speaking

It’s a lesson we learn way back in primary school and it carries through to our professional years long after we finish school too.   Listen to your teacher when they are talking, giving directions or demonstrating. Ask questions once they have finished and it’s always polite to raise your hand.


  1. Try Your Best

It should go without saying that in every class that you take you should make sure that you try hard as a common courtesy to your teacher and their choreography. It is also going to help you grow as a dancer when you put in the hard work inside the studio.   Hang in there if you find the choreography difficult or the exercise too hard. If you try your best the next time it will become easier and easier.


  1. Be Mindful Of Your Other Classmates

Remember there are other people in the class. Try to be aware of your fellow classmates, where they are standing and if it’s a tight fit (lots of people in the class) make sure you’re spatially aware so you don’t injure yourself or the dancers around you.


  1. Think About Your Personal Hygiene

Make sure you have deodorant, wipes and a spare change of clothes or a fresh leotard for those very hot sweaty days.   It’s important especially as you get older that you are aware of your personal hygiene and use resources to make sure you’re always fresh and clean in class. Makes for much more enjoyable partner work also J



Before you leave the room it’s VERY important that you thank the teacher, clap, curtsey or bow and also thank the pianist or other assistance in the class room BEFORE you leave. It shows your respect and your well mannered personality and is the most important thing you can do in class to show your teacher/s you care and appreciate their hard work.

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