5 Healthy Snacks For Dancers

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Long rehearsal days, hard performance nights and endless days in class… dancers never stop working.

Hours and hours of requires hours and hours of energy.  Not the sugar rush type but the type that can keep you going at the same hard pace without losing speed. 

That’s why it’s important to supply your dancer with snacks for dancing days, rehearsal days and performance days that are going to give them long lasting energy, NOT sugar highs!

Below are 5 great snacks your dancer can enjoy that will keep their energy up through act 1, Act 2 & Act 3!


  1. Hard Boiled Eggs

Great protein, best of all they won’t run onto your costume J


  1. Carrot sticks

Try giving your young dancer some carrot sticks, celery sticks or cucumber sticks with some celery to make it more enjoyable.


  1. Trail Mix

Make your own, full of nuts, dried fruit, grains and even a few dark cocoa nibs for something special


  1. Handmade muesli bars

Better than anything store bought.  Try this amazing receipe from Ballerina Bites


  1. Fruit

Bananas would have to be our favourite for long lasting energy. 


That’s 5 easy go-to’s but as a general rule try and stick to un-processed un packaged goodness. Natural is always best.  No hidden nasties!


Your dancer will thank you for it when she nails her fouettes in Act 3!


Great receipe from Ballerina Bites 

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